Fast Track - Master Game Plans
Business Boost Blueprint
2 hour Session: Laser Strategy Action Plan.
A Step-by-Step Pathway to Meaningful
and Profitable Results

Are you flying by the seat of your pants not really sure you’re on the right business track? Are you asking yourself, “Do I really have the knowledge and experience to launch or relaunch my existing business to the next level?”

If your answer is, “Yeah, I could use some help.” Then the Business Boost Blueprint strategy will give you a step-by-step pathway to meaningful and profitable results.

After 25+ years of designing programs and building businesses,
I’ve witnessed every single challenge that change agents encounter turning their ideas and content into a thriving business.

That’s what inspired me to create this laser-action strategy plan.

Here are some of the topics we may choose to cover based upon your individual needs: uncovering business growth barriers;
what makes you distinct; creative overwhelment and personal productivity; product profit solutions; and a multiple income stream business model.

The Business Boost Blueprint session is perfect for you…

If you want a dynamic collaboration with a mentorship partner with 25+ years of international business and online experience who will help you translate your uniqueness into income generating signature products and get you on track to create meaningful and profitable results!

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VIP Business Transformation Day
Fully-Focused, Deep-Dive 6 hour Day. Get It All At Once and Apply Strategies Quickly to Your Business

The  VIP Business Transformation Day is an in-person or virtual online breakthrough-rich session that quickly shines a light on the blind spots that are blocking you from high-level profit success.

IN JUST ONE remarkable day, with the help of an expert, you could make more progress towards creating a 6 or 7 figure business that might have taken you months or years of struggling on your own.

The A Brand YOU Way - Deep Dive Intensive Day is a perfect fit if…

  • You’re a transformational entrepreneur overwhelmed with tasks and need structure prioritizing a marketing strategy that accelerates your sales and amplifies your influence.

  • Your gut is saying, “I need a program that undeniably stands out, cuts through the clutter and magnetizes my ideal client.”

  • You already have an impressive service, but you haven't systemized your expertise so that you can attract a whole new level of business as a recognized thought leader in your industry.

  • You’d like to secure your company with proven business practices so that you can focus on growing your profit pockets and multiplying your influence.

We meet you exactly where you are in your business to help you create programs and build business strategies that create
high-profit results. We're ready! Are you?

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Elite Mentoring Programs
The New Business Leader's Freedom Leap
Jumpstart a new business or reinvent an existing one
with a business development and brand makeover.

ARE YOU READY to discover the business you were intended to manifest and learn how to share it with the world?

Are you ready to replace overwhelm and sluggish growth with instant clarity and fast income results?

Not knowing “how to start” a new business or create upward growth for an already existing business - and the fear, doubt and confusion that ensues - is the #1 sabotaging factor that breeds the procrastination and overwhelment that stops you from growing a successful brand and business!

“How to start” making your business soar to new heights is now easier than ever with The New Business Leader's Freedom Leap training.  Get ready to create a business model that shows you how to become valuable, profitable and newsworthy!

We guide you on how to develop your vision, purpose, passion and values: the 4 essential pillars of a powerful personal brand that becomes the foundation for any highly paid, expert business.  

Even with a powerful personal brand and a solid business vision, many make the mistake of not having a distinctive market position. We give you strategies on how to do a thorough market universe analysis so that you are absolutely sure that you have the right bait for the right pond for high-level income opportunities.

Take that leap of faith and let us expertly guide you on “how to start” a new expert business OR reinvent the business and brand you already have.

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Leader to Highly Paid Thought Leader
It’s time to catapult yourself from generic mediocrity to in-demand newsworthy that brings you high level income opportunities.

A recent IBM global survey of more than 1,500 CEO’s from 60 countries and 33 industries worldwide revealed that creativity and new thought were selected as the most crucial factors for future success.

IF YOU WANT a 6-7 figure business, your program must share a phenomenal life changing value that gets you recognized as a thought leader in your industry.

Ask yourself right now: is your current program getting an extraordinary reaction that moves clients to tell other people about your program?

Is your program or system designed in a way that it can be repurposed into multiple income product streams, build brand consistency and is a platform for thought leadership speaking and media opportunities?

Unfortunately, many highly qualified experts and well-intentioned transformational leaders lack a process-dependent system necessary to create programs and products. Is this you? If it is, you’re not alone.

The Leader to Highly Paid Thought Leader program powerfully taps into your unique genius to create your unique signature system.  By capturing your genius themes into a distinguished, proprietary signature system, you will produce remarkable programs that provide exceptional results for your clients!  

If you’re a person out to influence and spark purposeful change, let us help you design a transformational leadership program that makes you in-demand newsworthy and gets you high level income opportunities.

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Amplify Your Online Impact and Profit
Branding and web design profit-generating strategies that produce exceptional results!

People end up spending tens of thousands of dollars for pretty website brochures without strategies or tools in place for community building that help convert prospects into paying customers.  

Is your website generating leads and turning those leads into buying customers?

Are you turning your vision and business objectives into an online platform that delivers extraordinary results for your investment?

With the Amplify Your Impact and Profit Online program you will employ the marketing strategies and tools necessary to create your brand, design your website and most importantly, convert prospects into paying clients. We know how to design and develop websites that can build your online community - the key to generating sales.

Here’s some ways we amplify your impact:

  • We’ll guide you on how to create the right balance between branding, marketing and design strategies.

  • You’ll get a business model that captures leads and turns them into buying customers.

  • You’ll learn how to prepare all of your brand elements, videos and web pages before you even talk to a web developer.

  • We share “keep in touch” email strategies that build loyalty and trust that cultivate sales.

  • You’ll learn how to sell your services, where to place your “call to action” videos, and how to optimize your search words on your web pages so that when customers land on your homepage they know exactly how to take action.

Book a date now and start turning your vision and business objectives into an online platform that delivers exceptional results for your investment!

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Multiple Income Stream Profit Machine
Improve your success habits and skyrocket your profit
with a proven sales generation system.

Your product or service is all thought out and packaged - but you’re not really sure how to connect all the marketing and sales dots. It’s not your fault -  you just don’t have the experience.

Or, you’re looking for an expert who can share strategies to help you replace sluggish sales with a proven business model that can amplify your impact and help you become more productive - so that you can work less hours and become more profitable.

DON’T waste precious time - do what you do best! DON’T be afraid to invest in an expert who has the specialized knowledge to help you rapidly advance your business and impact the world.

With our Multiple Income Stream Profit Machine’s step by step, easy to implement strategies, we’ll get you to the right place. More Sales. More Profit. More Time to Relax.

Choose Multiple Income Stream Profit Machine’s program if you’re looking for:

  • Years and years of experience providing concrete sales projections based on strategic product development that is designed to reap multiple streams of income.
  • “Launch or Relaunch Your Business” marketing methods that seed high-level opportunities and a successful business foundation for years to come.

  • Simple “Educate and Enlighten” client attraction method - a sales strategy roadmap that has the tools to engage prospects and turn them into clients.

  • The right “Work Smarter Not Harder” executive functioning best practices, task management, wake up productive techniques, customer relationship management, and client enrollment techniques.

Let us help you create systems that can convert your most qualified prospects into devoted customers. More Sales. More Profit. More Time to Relax. Isn’t that what it's all about?

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Jaw Drop Your Audience
Turn your talks and videos into client engagement magnets!

2017 Internet Retailer says that, “82% of all internet traffic will be video by 2021!!”

If YOUR KEYNOTE talks and videos are just kind of “blah” they’re probably doing you more harm than good. STOP losing market share and turn your talks and videos into client engagement magnets!

With the Jaw Drop Your Audience program you will turn your talks and videos into performances that use a strategically structured format with emotional dynamic content that instills trust and inspires people to buy your products.

With 27 years experience as a performance director, The Jaw Drop Your Audience program gives you the tools to transform into a dynamic, compelling and persuasive speaker and video personality!

Let us help you get it done with our 6 module training:

  • Content Creation Direction

  • Dynamic Speaking Delivery Techniques

  • Expand Your Emotional Palette

  • Video Feedback Is Your Best Director

  • Content Structure - The Key for Audience Retention

  • The Best Techniques and Tools to Edit, Post and Optimize Your Video(s) for Your Home Page, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook

Giving talks and doing website videos are the absolutely best media tools for people to get emotionally connected to you, and, to know who you are beyond your resume. Remember, there is nothing better for driving web traffic to your site than a benefit-driven and passion-infused sales video.

So don’t get left behind! Start using today’s most popular marketing platform. Learn how to create exceptional videos and talks that inspire people to take action and buy your products and services.

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Highly Paid Expert Consulting
Program Design & Business Builder Package
We produce a lucrative thought leadership platform
to accelerate your transformational business and attract high level clients.
...in other words, we do the work while collaborating with you through the entire process.

THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER IS that most entrepreneurs create a business that winds up running their lives instead of a business that sustains and fortifies the lifestyle they’ve envisioned for themselves.

As a change agent, transformational or new thought leader, you have a deep passion to inspire others to achieve remarkable results and transform their lives for the better.

Our custom Program Design and Business Builder Package is for those transformational entrepreneurs or small businesses who need help producing a lucrative thought leadership platform to accelerate their business and attract high level clients.

Our clients are extremely motivated to amplify their business online and crank up the volume on their brand awareness -  but don’t have the time or the expertise to bring their business to the next level.  They are change agents from all around the world who are committed to earning a 6-7 figure income, and becoming recognized thought leaders in their industry - in other words, the “go to” expert.

Our custom Program Design and Business Builder Package is a result of 25+ years of creative branding and business development experience. We design custom business development plans that consist of the following…

  • Stage 1 - Business Analysis, Signature Solution System and Program Development

    • Market Research, Analysis and Strategy Development
    • Program Design Development - Leader to High Paid Thought Leader Signature Solution System Development with Expanded Bible Toolkit and Sales Presentation
    • Multiple Income Stream Profit Machine Business Model

  • Stage 2 - Amplify Your Online Impact and Profit via Digital Marketing
    • Branding and Website Design/Development
    • Creation of Web Branding Elements Including Logo Design and Page Content, Photo and Video Direction
    • Email Service Strategy and Integration

  • Stage 3 - In Studio - Welcome Video Content Development and Production
    • 45 second - 1 ½ minute benefit-driven, call-to-action video script
    • Content, Style and Video Shoot Direction
    • Post Production Shot Selection, Editing and Website Integration

Even though our Program Design and Business Builder Package is comprised of 3 stages, you can choose to invest in each stage separately. So dive into our Program Design and Business Builder Package and skyrocket your business to new heights to become the unquestionable “go to” expert in your industry!

Click Here for a KickStarter Session to To Learn More.

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Over the years we’ve worked with incredibly insightful leaders as well as individuals in career transitions. Here are some success stories on how our programs transformed their businesses! Watch the video below.
Harry Kilpe - CEO
Mind Traffic Control
LeAura Alderson
Co-found, iCreateDaily.com
Dr. Varada Divgi
CEO -Heal The Parent,
Heal the Child
David Shecthman - CEO
The Courageous Path
Beth Williams - CEO
Forward Focus
Aaron Mandlebaum - CEO
AEM Stategies
Thanks Jamie! I feel far clearer about who I am, the value I offer and the way I have positioned myself to get exceptional results in my industry.
D. Shecthman - CEO​ ​- The Courageous Path
Before working with Jamie my business wasn’t going anywhere. Jamie has allowed me to figure out how to generate sales by authentically communicating my uniqueness.
Aaron Mandlebaum - Digital Marketing Strategist
Jamie has an extraordinary perception on how to laser in, on the essence of your message - then tailor and package it for high profit opportunities. He puts so much passion into his work!
LeAura Alderson
Co-found, iCreateDaily.com
I spent many years trying to put my insights and expertise into a structure that I could mentor to others. With Jamie’s pinpoint intuition, amazing creativity and marketing savvy he propelled me into a living I love to do.
Harry Kilpe - CEO - Mind Traffic Control
Working with Jamie got me clear on the next steps I needed to increase my income. Jamie was able to listen deeply and reflect back what was wanting to come through me.
Beth Williams - CEO - Forward Focus
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The 4 Truths To Creating
A Brand YOU Way
Your Step-By-Step Guide to
Setting the Stage for a Life-Changing,
Profitable Transformational Business.
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